Friday, April 18, 2008

The Perils of the Potty Process

Ahh Landon my man, is 3 1/2 and refused to go potty on the potty most of the time. No matter what we said or did he would refuse. We didn't want to push him as Liam has issues from being pushed and I didn't want two with issues so we let it go. Until he started being potty trained when he was a parent's day out on Fridays for 4 hours. I figured if he could do it for them for 4 hours he could do it for us and I was determined to make it happen. So when Spring Break rolled around and we didn't have to go anywhere or do anything I made that my mission for the break. We started out wearing plastic covered underwear but when I quickly ran out of those I went with the no pants plan. He amazed me and did not have one accident while pants less. Then the next day he wanted wear underwear and pants. I thought I would let him give it try but unfortunately pants and underwear must have felt like enough protection so he wet himself. We went back to just underwear and he did amazing. He did have a couple of accidents but when we ran out of underwear he went commando and by the end of the week I was ecstatic at his progress.
This week was back to the grind and running here and there and he wanted pull ups. I let him wear them out as I wasn't sure what would happen and he did pee in them some but he also started telling us he had to go to the potty as well. So more progress for Landon. I bribed all week with wearing underwear to school (PDO) on Friday and that seem to be motivation. Today was the big day and he got up this morning and we told him he could wear underwear since he was going to school. He got a big smile and went to the bathroom and peed. Got dressed and almost 2 hours later we headed out to school still wearing the same pants and underwear. I warned his teachers and headed out for 4 hours of just me and Brenna. We had big plans hitting Walmart for scissors and then coming home to work on the poodle skirt for Alexis for next week. Then it was time to pick him up. I get to his class and they aren't in the room as it is playground time. But his backpack is there so I hestitantly unzip it find the extra clothes I packed for him STILL THERE. YEAH HE DID IT. We head down to the playground and find him. He was so happy. It is now 4:45 and he is still wearing the same pants and underwear he started with and we couldn't be happier for him. We told him if he has 7 days with no accidents we could go to Target and get him Pat Pat Rocket as a prize. He is excited about the idea. Hopefully it will happen next week. Although I might be tempted to give in if he makes it the weekend.


Monday, April 14, 2008

Oh what a day! Or maybe Oh What a week.

Today I took Lexi to school and then headed out to help Al (my father in law) with creating a webpage. I am not sure how much help I was since I had the youngest two with me and had to keep running after them but he now at least has a webpage. Then I headed back to get Alexis and got there a little early so I let the kids watch a movie on the car DVD player with the price of gas I thought I better turn off the car but let them continue to watch the movie. Imagine my surprise when 5 minutes later the TV starts stuttering so I try and start the car. Nope it's dead. So I call Jason and he comes over and tries to jump start the car with out success. So we load the kids in to his truck and head out for a new battery. $100 later my car is now running. On the way home we pass a lady walking down the street with her young daughter. It is like 40 degrees, damp and windy and they are walking down the street with no sidewalk so I offer them a ride home. I know this probably wasn't a great idea but I did it anyways. She was very grateful as they had a ways to walk. They had walked from their house to the elementary school to enroll the daughter and then were on their way back home. They were new to the area and weren't even really sure they were going the right way so I was glad to have helped them. Other excitement for the week. We finally tracked down an Occupational Therapist who worked with Sensory Processing Disorder which we have thought Lexi might have. I took her on Thursday for an evaluation. It was very enlightening. I learned that Sensor Processing Disorder is not a recognized diagnosis so we can't present that to the school and expect them to due anything to help. However she looked over our paperwork from the St Vincent eval and said that the school system should have her in the early childhood program on that diagnosis alone. She also said she does have sensory issues, said she is Hyposentive Glossary Term: Hyposensitive Definition: Being far less sensitive to various stimuli than most people. This occurs with some individuals with autism spectrum disorders, especially in the realm of touch. For example, they may seek out heavy pressure, feeling calmed by being wrapped in a heavy blanket or otherwise “squeezed.” As well as dyspraxia, DEFINITION Developmental Dyspraxia (also known as Developmental Co-ordination Disorder, and the Clumsy Child Syndrome) is a neurologically based disorder of the processes involved in praxis or the planning of movement to achieve a predetermined idea or purpose, which may affect the acquisition of new skills and the execution of those already learned. More specifically, it is a disorder of praxis, or the process of ideation (forming an idea of using a known movement to achieve a planned purpose), motor planning (planning the action needed to achieve the idea), and execution (carrying out the planned movement). She said that she may not actually have ADHD but she might have it as well as the above but we won't really know until we start working on these two to see if things change. If you are interested here are some of the symptoms. So now I have more information to include in my letter to the school system.

I tried to call the Director of Special Education today to see what we should do about where to place Alexis since her current school would prefer her not to come back and the other two schools I would consider do not have availabilty at this time. Of course they were in a meeting and couldn't talk to me but they were happy to transfer me to their voice mail. So I left a message and hoped they would call. I guess she will go back to the school who doesn't want her because of me until we find another option.

Add that on to all the kids being home for the week for spring break, my SIL came to town for the weekend and we went to conference on Friday in Chicago. Conference was fun but the funny conversations we had on the trip was even more fun. It has been a crazy week.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spring Break Begins

Yesterday was Liam's first day of spring break. Lexi and Landon still had preschool so we took them to school and then I had no idea what to do with him and Brenna. Finally I remember a fun toy store one of Brenna's therapist mentioned so we headed down to check it out. We got there before they were opened so headed to Walmart and got some T-shirts so we could try tie dyeing this week. Then headed over to the store again. We had a good time checking out all they had to offer. Wound up with a few fun things to do and then headed back towards the kids school. On the way we went and got him his favorite Channing burger ( named after his cousin) at McDonalds. He was happily munching his cheeseburger in the car and when he suddenly said "Mom my tooth came out" for some reason this made me laugh. I didn't even realize his tooth was lose let alone enough to come out. So now he is missing three teeth and one of his front teeth is only half in so he has a pretty holey smile.

Liams holey smile

My Crazy Life dealing with the school system

Well I found the files for my old blog i just don't know how to make them back in to a blog so I can extract the information and post it to this site. Not that I have spent a lot of time working on it. My life has gotten crazy. I had a meeting with our school system in regards to Lexi's placement in their Early childhood program. They keep telling me that she has no issues during their program while her other school is telling me she is disruptive. I don't understand the differences and what the other school sees is more in line with what we see so I was having a hard time agreeing with their recommendations. I don't want her to be labeled as special needs but I also don't want her going to Kindergarten with an unsuspecting teacher who will label her as a problem child when in fact she really can't control herself. Well since I was having such a hard time with the school systems assesment I signed that I didn't agree and now have to write a letter of why I don't agree. I hate writing letters but I will figure it out. An interesting thing happened after I signed I didn't agree. Evidently she gets to continue attending class until the appeal is over, which is good as she loves going. I was however told that I would need to pick a new community program for her because her current placement asked that we select a new location as they would prefer we not come back. I was surprised by this as she was having no issues according to them but was shocked when I learned why. They don't want her back because I made a big fuss about them showing 4 and 5 year old children PG rated movies with out my consent. Her first day in this class they showed her Monster House, Then later showed her Night at the Museum, Cars, Jungle Book, Polly World and other shows that really have no educational basis at all. I offered to loan them my educational DVDs but they refused and kept showing movies I didn't agree with. I posted a message on a local mom's group asking their opinions and one of the mom's responded with the state licensing requirement about movies. Which they were not following. SO I turned them in. So they asked her not to come back because of me. I understand their point to some extent but I am angry because they knew this before we went to this meeting and didn't have the guts to say anything to me. I sent Lexi to school that morning not knowing this information. I have been trying to warn her that she probably wouldn't be going back but some one has been telliing her she would be coming back. The other part is that they based the majority of their evaluation on what her teacher scored her as. Well this school doesn't want her there so I have a hard time with the way they were rating her. They rated her all 5 out of 5 starting as soon as I complained until the meeting. Which even a normal average child wouldn't score let alone my ADHD daughter. Now I feel like they punishing her because I complained about the movies. The teacher/program contact seems to be taking my disagreement with everything as a personal attack on her which is not the case. I am so shocked and overwhelmed by the whole process. So now I need to go write me letter. Wish me luck.

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