Monday, February 23, 2009

Missing Socks??

I am sure most people know how dryers eat socks because you can never find the other sock when you take the load out of the dryer. In case this has happened to you I wanted to let you know that your dryer doesn't really eat your socks, it just sucks them in to a vortex and sends them to us. We have serious sock problem in our humble abode. On Saturday me, Lexi and Liam sat down and sorted an entire laundry basket of unmatched socks. The results of this sock sort are as follows.
These socks were blessed to be matched with their twin and go on to be worn again by some happy feet.

"The ones with their twins"The ones with their twins

You may think hmm there are 7 people residing in the abode here those twin socks don't seem like very many for that such huge number of piggies needing covering. But alas those are just the poor orphans that found their long lost twins in the great sock sort of February 2009.

Below are the orphan socks, the orphans that keep multiplying and creating more orphans. The orphans that will soon be joined by all the other orphans that we have been finding hiding in the playroom, on the stairs, under the couch, in the laundry, near the dryer, stuffed in shoes, behind the bathroom door, in the toy boxes and more secret locations discovered by not me and I don't know ( You know them they take your socks and leave them strange places when you aren't looking) . Or perhaps some of these are from the great dryer vortex and belong to some of you. If you see one you recognize feel free to let me know and I will be happy to send it on it's way to you.

"Where oh where has my little friend gone oh where oh where could it be"Where oh where has my little friend gone oh where oh where could it be

Just to try and put in to perspective just how bad or sock problem is here. I will now introduce you to the happy home of girls socks. This is wear socks deemed girlie live with other girlie socks until they are deemed worthy of being honored by little piggies.

"Welcome to Girlie Sockville"Welcome to Girlie Sockville

That's right an entire drawer of socks deemed girlie. If you look close you will spy socks with lace, a pink socks, and purple socks, kitty socks, minnie mouse socks, christmas, easter, halloween, Tuesday, leap year, baby, big kids, way to big, short socks, long socks, old socks and even new with tag socks. They all live together in girlie sockville. If you want to visit it is right below Boy Sock Bunker, and down the hall from Tights and Leggings Land. I will now move upstairs from Girlie Sockville and introduce you Boy Sock Bunker.

"Boy Sock Bunker"Boy Sock Bunker

Boy Sock Bunker isn't nearly as colorful or exciting as Girlie Sockville. There isn't a lot of exciting options in the bunker. Mostly just red, white and blue. There are the occasional Halloween sock and if you look closely you will find a pair of green printed Christmas socks that Landon had to have for his collection. Boy Sock bunker is not nearly as populated as Girlie sockville, however that is because Boy Sock Bunker is mostly stocked for the middle boy. The big boy refuses to allow his socks to reside in the bunker, they live in his room, away from all the doings of the bunker as they are much to grown up to be part of the bunker. They live here in I am to big for them land.
"I am too big for them"
I am too big for them[

Things are different in I am too big for them land. You're not limited to frolicking only with other socks. Here socks come and live happily with bathing suits, and undies. It is a much more diverse place as far as residents. However the sock population is pretty mundane. You mostly have the white socks with green Hanes written on the toe. There are a few exceptions like the tan dress socks in the bottom corner but mostly it's boring white socks residing in this land. If you are in need of some adorable cuteness, there is only one place you can go for that in socks. That has to be itty bitty baby socks nursery.

"Aww it's Itty Bitty Baby Sock Nursery"Aww its Itty Bitty Baby Sock Nursery

Aren't they so cute. Adorable teeny tiny baby socks. They live here in the nursery until they are big enough to join the bunker. They hope some day to be big enough to go to I am too big for them but right now they are safely tucked away in the nursery resting and growing bigger every day.

There are two more lands to visit on the tour of the sock residences of our humble home. They are not nearly as exciting but I don't want them to feel left out of they might pack their things and hit the road and then I would be the one with cold piggies. I leave you with the land of the big socks.

"Honey's Work Sock Haven"Honeys Work Socks Have

"White Sock Wonderland"White Sock Wonderland

Thanks for stopping by and be sure and let me know if you see any friends missing from your house. With so many residents it is hard to identify a stranger that snuck in to the mix.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Man has Wubba been busy this week.

Man I knew babies are busy but the Wubba has brought a new meaning to the word busy this week. We started on Sunday by graduating from the carrier carseat to the rear facing big carseat. Now he gets a better view of the crazy kids in the back, seat and is much more entertained on car rides.

With the privilege of the big boy seat comes the added fun of learning to sit in the seat of the shopping cart at the store. On Wednesday we headed out to do some shopping just The Wub and me so he got to experience the fun that is riding in the seat part of the shopping cart for the first time. He looked a little shocked at first. Wasn't sure exactly what to do with himself in the car, he kept turning around and then stuck in the buckle. Shortly in to our shopping foray he fell in to his usual way of shopping and crashed out. He had a hard time finding a comfy spot but finally settled on the head on the wadded up coat as pillow position and was out like a light. He missed out on all of his admirers oohing and gushing over his cuteness sleeping in the cart. After that store we picked up Landon and Brenna and headed out to Costco where he got to try out the sharing the front of big car with your sister. Thankfully she was excited to show him the ropes of riding in cart, however she was not interested in him sharing the delicacies none as Costco samples. After a struggle with some dry roasted edame samples we were happily able to finish our Costco adventure.

This week he also reached the big milestone of acheiving his very first chomper. I have tried unsuccessfully to capture the little white pearl in his mouth on film (well at least digital), he is just not a fan of showing off his pearly white. If growing his first tooth was not enough for him he also learned how to climb up the bottom two steps of the stairs much to my unhappiness at having to add yet another gate to the fortress we call the living room.

With the new carseat came a new challenge where to put the Wubba when we got out to dinner. He discovered he liked sitting in the high chair at the restaurant as he as able to reach the salt shaker, his sister's plate, my plate, cups, napkins and the best snag he managed was an empty rib bone which he found to be a quite exciting find and kept busy gnawing at that for a while.

Along with mastering the ascent of the stair case he also mastered the push toy and now happily walks behind the toy until he crashes in to something. He has not mastered the fine art of turning his toy but he does love cruising that toy down the hall. He does not stand solo but if we get him up on his feet and can get our hands out of his death grip he will giggle and slowly lower himself to the ground. I think he is playing with us and he is much more capable than he lets on.

For Valentine's day we got the older kids a big heart shaped lollipop and I could not bear the thought of not having something similar for him so I found a little heart shaped lolli for him and on Valentine's he experienced the joy of his first lolli. He looked stunned at first but quickly figured it out and had a blast with it until I got to paranoid that he would choke and pulled a switch a roo on him and gave him some Gerber Yogurt Melts to distract him from the missing lolli.

To round out his week of new experiences he got to experience the humilation of having to wear his sister's hand me downs. I loved this little happy face outfit we got Brenna but we got it at the end of her being able to wear the size so she didn't wear it long. Wubba was in need of something to wear and it was handy so I couldn't resist sticking him in the happy outfit. I hope he's not scarred for life from the pink.

I leave you with some pictures of his memorable week of first. (Still no tooth shot though I will keep trying)

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="320" caption="Wubba checking out Wubba in the mirror"]Wubba checking out Wubba in the mirror[/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="320" caption="Going Up"]Going Up[/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="214" caption="I can do this no problem"]I can do this no problem[/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="214" caption="and he is off "]and he is off[/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="214" caption="still going"]still going[/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="214" caption="until he crashed in to a toy"]until he crashed in to a toy[/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="800" caption="Having a good laugh"]Having a good laugh[/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="800" caption="What is this thing you have put in my mouth"]What is this thing you have put in my mouth[/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="533" caption="Pink humilation"]Pink humilation[/caption]

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

For an early Christmas gift the Wubba gaves us some chaos

A few days before Christmas at the ripe old age of 6 months 2 weeks the Wubba discovered crawling. I was not prepared for my 6 month old to be crawling. I was not ready to be living in the land of baby gates, I thought I had a few more months. However Wubba had different ideas and he took off. Then as an add on to the first gift with in a week he also learned to pull up on things. So now we have mobile house wrecker and I am scurrying to figure out what he's going to be in next. So far he has discovered the joys of the dog food and water, emptying the two cabinets under the TV and heaven forbid something sit on the top of the TV stand because he will not tolerate that at all and on the floor it must go. He makes sure I am not bored all day.

Then in my mommy wisdom I thought he might enjoy the fun of finger foods like Gerber puffs and cheerios so I introduced him to those special rites of passage in to toddlerhood. Didn't consider that him learning to self feed Cheerios and puffs would also enable the baby vaccuum feature that causes Mom's to look puzzled and say "What do you have in your mouth" then do the great finger swipe to discover the soggy hidden treasure with in, a piece of tape, a chunk of dog food, Brenna's hair band, the corner of a piece of paper, the god forbidden barbie shoes and legos, or the occasional Box Tops of Edcuation that I have been counting for the kids school. Makes me wonder what he managed to get down before we noticed.

Now it is February and he is consistently everywhere. He watches the other kids and us go through the gate and as soon as it is open he makes a bee line for the border in hopes he will make it through while the gate is open. He has learned to pull up the speaker near the gate with a swinging walk through and swing it open then crawl through. If we don't lock the gate to the kitchen he will shake it loose then push it open and head for the dog food. He has also learned to crawl over to you and pull up and smile all cute and gummy so you will pick him up. He will stand at the gate to the kitchen and scream and cry and say Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma in his pitiful little self making me feel guilty for doing dishes or making lunch.

The older kids love to play with him through the gate and he thinks it is great fun too. They sit on one side of the gate and talk to him or hand him stuff. They have a great time. He also loves to stand at this gate and shake it like a mad man.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="336" caption="Wubba the gate monster"]Wubba the gate monster[/caption]

Our little Wubba is growing up and entering the terrorizing toddler years. I feel kind like I got cheated out of some baby time but we are having a blast watching him grow and learn.