Tuesday, February 3, 2009

For an early Christmas gift the Wubba gaves us some chaos

A few days before Christmas at the ripe old age of 6 months 2 weeks the Wubba discovered crawling. I was not prepared for my 6 month old to be crawling. I was not ready to be living in the land of baby gates, I thought I had a few more months. However Wubba had different ideas and he took off. Then as an add on to the first gift with in a week he also learned to pull up on things. So now we have mobile house wrecker and I am scurrying to figure out what he's going to be in next. So far he has discovered the joys of the dog food and water, emptying the two cabinets under the TV and heaven forbid something sit on the top of the TV stand because he will not tolerate that at all and on the floor it must go. He makes sure I am not bored all day.

Then in my mommy wisdom I thought he might enjoy the fun of finger foods like Gerber puffs and cheerios so I introduced him to those special rites of passage in to toddlerhood. Didn't consider that him learning to self feed Cheerios and puffs would also enable the baby vaccuum feature that causes Mom's to look puzzled and say "What do you have in your mouth" then do the great finger swipe to discover the soggy hidden treasure with in, a piece of tape, a chunk of dog food, Brenna's hair band, the corner of a piece of paper, the god forbidden barbie shoes and legos, or the occasional Box Tops of Edcuation that I have been counting for the kids school. Makes me wonder what he managed to get down before we noticed.

Now it is February and he is consistently everywhere. He watches the other kids and us go through the gate and as soon as it is open he makes a bee line for the border in hopes he will make it through while the gate is open. He has learned to pull up the speaker near the gate with a swinging walk through and swing it open then crawl through. If we don't lock the gate to the kitchen he will shake it loose then push it open and head for the dog food. He has also learned to crawl over to you and pull up and smile all cute and gummy so you will pick him up. He will stand at the gate to the kitchen and scream and cry and say Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma in his pitiful little self making me feel guilty for doing dishes or making lunch.

The older kids love to play with him through the gate and he thinks it is great fun too. They sit on one side of the gate and talk to him or hand him stuff. They have a great time. He also loves to stand at this gate and shake it like a mad man.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="336" caption="Wubba the gate monster"]Wubba the gate monster[/caption]

Our little Wubba is growing up and entering the terrorizing toddler years. I feel kind like I got cheated out of some baby time but we are having a blast watching him grow and learn.

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