Friday, July 23, 2010

Ever feel like you are living the movie Groundhog's Day

This is just a vent, please do not feel compelled to read or comment. I just need to get this out there so I can move on with my rinse and repeat day. Do you ever feel like you are living the movie Groundhog's Day? I do, all the time. I wish that I could learn what ever it is I need to learn so I can move on to a new day. In the movie things are a little different but basically the same and that is how I feel. I can almost guarantee that everyday will start with Brenna screaming this high pitched scream, Landon banging on something, followed by going in their room and telling Landon to please put on his clothes and to bring down the things he has peed on. Then during the day Alexis will have a screaming, kicking tantrum, Rogan will climb on the counters to get something, Brenna and Landon will be mean to the dog, Liam will boss everyone and get mad that they don't listen. Followed by Landon getting whiny and argumentative over a minor thing, Brenna getting tired and picking at everyone, then Alexis will take over being bossy and tell everyone how to play then wonder why the other kids don't want to play with her, me having to ask where's the fire since everyone is screaming or running or both. Later Liam will hate what ever we are eating and say he is full, Alexis and Landon will argue over bedtime, then right before bedtime Liam will suddenly be starving and ask for fruit and will nibble at it incredibly slow so he can't go to bed and pretend he can't hear when we say hurry up or that's it it's time for bed. Then I will stay up way too late savoring the quiet and lack of drama only to wash and repeat the day when I awaken the next morning. I do realize that this is just part of the life of Mommy but man am I tired of it. I know some day I am suppose to miss this part but I really can't imagine. The best part of it all is that if I get frustrated by it all and try to vent I just piss people off because I am just suppose to let it go and not worry about it. Thanks for listening, I now return you to your regularly scheduled life.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I am a bad blogger

I am a bad blogger. I could lie and say that I realize this and will be better about it in the future but why try to fool you or myself. I love blogging but lately it has seemed like it was another thing on the to do list and it never made it to the top. Plus I think that lately I have felt I should practice if the if you don't have something nice to say theory.

Things in the land of love and chaos have been feeling a little overwhelming chaotic. I wish I knew the reason for the chaos so I could turn it off. I know the source, I just don't understand the reasoning. I am hoping we are now on a path to less chaos with the ultimate destination a happier family. I know it's possible but man the map to that destination looks awful long and hard but then again if you look back at the journey to this point it probably looks the same.

For now I continue the path and hope the road isn't as bumpy as I anticipate and that some of the pit stops will include checking in with you my friends.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Names, Names, Names, everybodys got one

Kelly at Kelly's Korner hosts, Show Us Your Life, each week. This week she is doing Kid's Names and we have several of those so I thought I would participate. I love names and have tons I wanted to use but here is the story of how each of our kiddos their names. All of our kids have 3 names plus our last name. They each have names in honor of someone in our lives. So lets start with the oldest.

William Kenneth Monroe or better known as Liam. He is named William after my step father and great Uncle. Kenneth after both my hubby and Father in Law's middle names. Monroe was the last name of lots of my family on my mom's side.

Then we have Alexis Grace Marie. Alexis is the name she came to us with at 19 months old. When her adoption was final we changed her middle names to Grace after my paternal grandmother and Marie is my middle name and I believe is also after one of my mother's grandmothers

Next up is Landon Joshua Bryan. He came to us at 1 month old as Joshua Bryan and when his adoption was final we added Landon to the beginning of his name. Landon we just liked. Joshua was from his birth family but is also my cousin's name. Bryan is the middle name of my brother and also his birth father.

Brenna Gwendolynne Anne, such a big name for our tiny daughter. We picked her up at the hospital as Christina Lynne. When we knew she was going to be ours forever we named her Brenna, I have always loved Brenna no family name but if we wouldn't have had Landon with Bryan as a middle name Brenna would have been Brynna and after my brother. Gwendolynne is a name Jason liked but also incorporates her birth middle name so she still has part of that. Anne is for my sister and mother, they share that middle name as well as part of my friends middle name.

Finally we have Rogan Wayland Charles. When brought him home from the hospital he was Bryan Christopher. We weren't planning on his arrival to our family and weren't sure what his long term story would be. Shortly after we got home from the hospital with him Jason and I were discussing what his name would be if he stayed with us. We weren't sure but than the TV said "Hi my name is Rogan" We didn't see what it was but we both looked at each other and decided that was a cool name. The Wayland is Jason's grandfather's middle name. He was a cool guy that I unfortunately only got the pleasure of meeting once. Both he and my Grandfather were Harry W's which I thought was neat but Jason's grandfather had the neater middle name so we went with that. Charles is my Father's middle name, my great grandfather's first name and one of Jason's awesome uncle's name. We thought of keeping Christopher but I have a past with a Christopher that I am not found of and even though it wouldn't have been after him I couldn't bring myself to leave it as part of his name.

Other names I love and have considered in our journey to name our youth are for girls Christianna, Paxton (after the character in Message from Nam) Fallon, Harper ( we actually sometimes call Brenna, Harper B. In fact we used it so often that she use to tell me her name wasn't Brenna it was Harper B or Harper Beeb) and Calliope. For Boys I have a shorter list as we got to name 3 of them. I still like Grayson, but it is so popular, Derek, and Airton.

Those are our names and we sticking with them. Thanks for stopping by and seeing what we were up to.