Sunday, April 24, 2011

Grateful Sunday

Taking time to reflect on things to be grateful this week. I started out this week worried that Jason and Liam would be gone for two days. Could I handle the other 4 by myself for two days? Well I am happy to say that it went well. I am grateful that my Mom took Brenna for that night and so I only had 3 kiddos. They did surprisingly well for me so my worry was for naught. I am grateful that my Mom came and watched the 3 kids while I took Brenna to Kindergarten roundup. She was so super excited to see Kindergarten and ride the bus.
I am thankful for old friends and a new get together. A group of 6 of us had plans to meet up for dinner. Most of the ladies I met when Liam was less than a year old through a Moms group I joined. Over the years we drifted apart as our kids grew older and we added more kids to our families. It was wonderful to get together with them and catch up. We have hopes to make it a more routine event and I would love to see that happen. I am grateful for old friends and new starts to old ideas.
I am excited that I got to spend some time sewing this week and loved it. I made Brenna 2 dresses, a taggie like toy, a burb cloth, a sleep sack, and a hooded towel. Plus I baked and decorated cupcakes. It feels great to be creating again.
I am loving that Jas is embracing my love of nail polish and is spoiling me with little nail surprises. I am having a blast creating new manicure looks with all my fun polishes.

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