Monday, December 15, 2008

The Big Road Trip of Fall Break

On Saturday of fall break (back at the end of October) we decided we would take the kids to Cincinnati to see the Newport Aquarium and to visit Ikea. Mom volunteered to keep Wubba as he wasn't really interested in going to see fish and we need a judge's permission to take him out of state. On Saturday morning we load everyone up head up to Mom's to drop of the Wubman and Lexi says she doesn't want to go with us she wants to stay with Oma. Jason, Mom and I all tried to convince her that it would be more fun to go with us but she was insistent that she didn't want to go so Oma said she could stay. The remaining 5 Frenchs headed out for Cincinnati. First stop the Newport Aquarium, they were having a special Halloween promotion where kids got in for $5 if they wore costume so we got clothes out of the dress up box for them and took our Firefighter, Pirate and chicken to the aquarium.Aquarium goers pose for a photo

We saw an underwater pirate show and after the show they invited the kids up to the "stage" to pose for pictures. The boys were excited to get up there and check things out, Brenna wasn't interested at all. It was almost like you could touch them

We saw giant turtle and the boys gave him Turtle High Five.A big turtle high fibe

We went to shark video show. It was only few minutes long but you watched it standing on a platform that moved with the show. The show was like you were in a shark cage underwater. It was interesting but the movements were freaky.

The kids got to pick a little pumpkin from a pumpkin patch outside the frog bog. The frog bog was full of all kinds of frogs. I loved seeing the neon colored dart frogs to bad they are poisonous as they sure are cute.

After the frog bog we went to go see the otters and lorikeets but the stroller wasn't allowed in the lorikeet area so Jason took Brenna around and me and the boys went in. The otters were sleeping so not much to see and boy did they smell bad so we hurried over to the lorikeet area. You could buy a little cup of nectar for $1 to feed them but I had left my purse with Jason so we couldn't buy any. While we were watching the birds we found a cup that someone left and Landon really wanted a bird to stand on him so we tried to get one to come to him. I got one on my hand then it walked on Landon but then quickly came back to my hand and went up my arm on to my shoulder. Since he was on my shoulder I kept feeding him and then two more joined him and I became the the bird lady. The boys thought it was hilarious that the birds liked me. We were all laughing until one of the birds peed on my back then it wasn't so much fun for me. I got them off of me and we went out to meet Jason and Brenna. Jason laughed at me and the boys were so excited that they drug Jason back in to the exhibit so he could see the birds. Then Brenna wanted to go in so we left the stroller and headed back. Brenna was feeding one of the birds and it either nibbled her finger or got on her and freaked her out and she hollered and made the bird fly off towards a guy and his daughter behind Brenna, it scared the guy who was squatting behind his daughter and he fell backwards and the boys were laughing again. Here is a picture of our little friend. Lorakeet feeding

After the fun of Lorikeet adventure we head on to a tunnel where they would be doing underwater pumpking carving. Liam really liked this and didn't want to leave until they finished the pumpkin carving. It takes a long time to carve a pumpkin underwater but did you know that when you are done the fish that live in the area are thrilled as they like to snack on pumpkin. Who would have thought that fish would like pumpkin. When were finally able to convince Liam to move on we happened on to the end of the underwater pirate show. The diver "pirates" are great. They really make a fuss with the kids watching. Landon found one and they played patty cake through the glass.
Pirate Patty Cake
Then they helped direct him to attack the other pirate that was with him. Watching an underwater pirate fight

The boys thought that was just great. On to our last big stop. The shark petting area. Liam was in heaven. Landon and Brenna aren't quite calm enough to entice the sharks close enough to pet but Liam was incredibly patient and gently with the sharks. He was good at it, too

Liam enjoyed the shark area so much he insisted on staying there while the other kids went to see the penguins near by. He eventually relented and joined the others at the penguins but kept asking to go back and pet the sharks. I guess he gets that from me. When Jason and I went to Florida last year I spent a very long time at the aquarium we visited's stingray petting tank. We were there so long that the volunteer that was there when we got to the tank left and came back for another rotation at the ray tank. After the penguins and the sharks we reached the end of our aquarium experience and we headed out with three happy and tired kiddos.

From the aquarium we went to check out the world of Ikea. That is one amazing store. We let the older boys go play in the kids only supervised indoor playground while Brenna, Jason and I checked out the rest of the store. Man is that one neat store. If we would have had room in the van and more money in our account we would have brought home all kinds of great things for the house and kids. We managed to get just a few little things and this high chair for the Wubba.

[caption id="attachment_100" align="aligncenter" width="250" caption="The Wubba's new chair"]The Wubba's new chair[/caption]

After taking in the whole Ikea store we checked out, gathered the boys, and it was time to head for home. We had a blast and I am so glad we all got to go on at least one day get away this year.

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