Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Man, Boys can be funny

Tonight at dinner Landon (3 1/2 years old) said "Ouch! I bit my chin." Jas and I started laughing and asked him to show us how he bit his own chin. He just bit his lip and said like that, but that didn't stop us from laughing it was still funny.

The winner of the night has to be my Liam. Jason was baking something chocolately and Liam smelled it and said "I smell something." Hubby in his infinite funnyness said "oh excuse me and fanned his butt". Liam replied "your farts can't smell like that". "Depends on what I ate", refuted Jason. They go around and around for awhile then all of a sudden Liam sticks his nose down by J's butt and sniffs and said "that don't smell good definitely not chocolate". J and I both almost peed our pants laughing at our little butt sniffer. Jason's final comment " And I was counting on him to support us in our old age, guess that's out"

Oh what fun a night can be with boys, both big and little

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