Friday, May 30, 2008

Buried Treasure in our Yard

We have lived in our house for 4 years now and we have always had a spot in the front yard where we had trouble getting grass to grow. It would sort of grow and then die off every year. One of my friends mentioned when she built her house they had left a piece of plywood on her lawn and then sodded over it. So Jas got to thinking and decided to go see what was up in our yard, hoping maybe it would be the same thing and we could just pull it out and our yard would grow in. So out to the yard he went with his shovel, started digging and hit something hard. More digging turned up the culprit in the yard it was concrete. Yes that is right concrete from when they built the house. We pulled out a couple of chunks and figured we better check around the hole just to make sure we got it all. Then we found what basically was a concrete slab buried about 6 inches in our yard. Jason was able to bust it up with a pick axe and we pulled it all out. It turned out there was more than a wheelbarrow load of concrete in our yard. Some of the chunks we pulled out were about 6 inches deep. In fact on chunk was big enough we put in the flower bed as a stepping stone. Once we got it all pulled out we were left with a nice hole in the front yard. So now we hope we will be able to get actual grass to grow in that spot. However if you stop by in the near future steer clear of the whole in the front yard right now it seems to just be a giant mud pit and it will suck your shoes off your feet.

For viewing pleasures here are some pics of the process. You might even be able to notice that there was so much concrete in the wheelbarrow that it flattened the tire. Click here to see all the photos Concrete Nightmare

I am not able to get the slideshow to load to the blog so here are a couple of pictures


the boys

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