Monday, May 19, 2008

Boys Day at the Indy 500 Track

Yesterday started out bad. The kids were all kinds of wound up and whiny. Jas and I both were at our wits end and it was only lunch time. Jas was sitting on the couch flipping channels and came across a broadcast about the happenings at the 500 on Sunday. He decided that he would take the boys down to the track and let them watch the cars. So they headed out for the track and the girls and I headed to the grocery store which desperately needed to happen.

The boys had a great time. It turns out it was Armed Forces day so they got to check some military vehicles. Landon said he got to fly the helicopter way up in the sky but something makes me think that they didn't let the three year old pilot the helicopter. They sat and watched the race right behind the Wii Fit racecar which just thrilled Liam to know end. They had ice cream, corn dogs and pretzels and great fun.

Here are some pictures from their adventure.

wii fit
loud landon can flyliam


Some ice cream is always nice

ice cream

All the fun and excitement wore Landon right out. Daddy said he didn't make it off of the track before he crashed out.


I am glad the boys got to have fun together. I think Jas had as much fun showing the boys everything as they had seeing it.

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