Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Life has been a challenge so I going to try a challenge

In honor of the turmoil and craziness our life has been lately I am going to take up a challenge Liam's counselor suggested. I am going to try and think of the good things as we work through the other stuff.

First and foremost I am thankful for my hubby, with out his support I don't think I could have made it through the last few months. His calm and patience in the chaos is always wonderful. The fact that his hugs shield me from the stress for the moments I am in his arms is like a welcome oasis in the storm.

My friend CeCe who always shares my amazement in the path my life takes and is always available to listen. She allows me to say the crap that I think even if i don't really mean it and never condemns me for it.

My sister for listening and sharing what she knows since her kids are older than mine and she raises kids for a living.

My Dad In Law for all he does with Liam providing him a calm in the storm that is our home at times. For being brave enough to tell me what his concerns were even though he was worried it would upset us and even more for listening to our concerns and still being there for us.

I am grateful that I sucked up my fear and talked to who is now Liam's therapist. She has been a big blessing to our family not just with Liam but with all of us.

Those are some of my gratefuls right now. What are some of yours

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