Monday, March 10, 2008

For Tricia All the things I can't wait for you to get to do.

Inspired by the blog at Crazyinlove who I found by reading Tricia's husband's inspiring blog Confessions of a CF Husband Their story is really amazing and I recommend you take a minute to read it if you have time.

I can't wait for you to

~have so much laundry you have no idea how you will get it all done

~Get woken up by crying kid to find them covered in throw up

~ have to change a smelly diaper that the diaper couldn't contain and their is surprise in places you never knew poop could go.

~ See that look in your kiddos eye and know they are filling their pants even though they are looking at you and saying I NO POOP

~find all the places she can get food from her high chair

~ feel her heavy on your shoulder as you carry her sleeping to bed

~watch her as she discovers ABC's & 123's

~cry as she gets on the school bus for the first time

~cry when she choses Daddy over you for the 100th time in a row

~be all ready to go out and that little one need one last peanut butter filled hug to the leg

~that right as you are ready to go out together will be the time she has that up your back explosive poo

~feel the moritification as your child says "Man that guys is fat/smelly/short/has a big butt"

~go to the Dr to have the pea, lego, pencil eraser or some other thing removed from an ear or nose.

~ finally have a quiet moment with just your husband only to hear a tiny knock at the door

~ be watching great part in a tv program at same time she is inspired to put on a dance performance with lots of singing and you have to watch

~not be able to go potty with out a little helper along or someone banging on the door because they miss you

~ be excited to look in a potty and see someone else's poop because you finally don't have to scrape that one of their bottom

~ see the excitement on their face as they feel grass, sand, snow, or rain on their face

~ have a little hand pat your face and smile at you when you are sad

~have a small voice call you in the night just because they need you to be there for them

~ look over head and share look with your husband of pride in something she accomplished

~ be able to take your daughter home for the first time and start your life as a family of 3

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