Monday, March 17, 2008

Oh my gosh I broke her head

I was frustrated with the kids not picking up their toys and dragging them all over the house. We had picked up a bunch of random little toys from all over the house and was tossing them in the playroom all morning. I tossed a little round Barbie ottoman and it hit Lexi in the head. I didn't mean to hit her I was just trying to get it all in the playroom. Well all of sudden she was bleeding everywhere, I try to remain calm and grab some kleenex and put them on her head but it doesn't seem to be working so I hollered for hubby. He came and took her to the kitchen I grabbed a towel and he got it to stop. I am now completely freaking out. I feel horrible, she doesn't seem to really notice but dang I feel bad. I guess I learned my lesson and why we say no throwing toys, I guess that should apply to all of us not just he kids. She seems to be none the worse for the trauma but man mommy is still traumatized. Thank god Jas was here as I was having a hard time remaining calm.

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