Friday, March 14, 2008

She's Finally a Bike Rider

Well for several summers we have tried to get Lexi to become a bike rider. She couldn't coordinate pedaling and steering at the same time. She would usually turn the handle bars all the way the directions she wanted to go causing her bike to tip over or pedal backwards. Yesterday it was so nice out we decided we would go for a walk. She begged to take her bike but we were reluctant as we usually get just past the house and she is done so one of us has to take the bike home. We relented and she surprised us with actually being able to pedal and steer. Now we just have to work on getting her to watch where she is going and not her feet as the pedal and how to stop with the pedals instead of dragging her toes. At least she is now a bike rider.

Landon shocked us with his riding too. He has a bike with out pedals that is suppose to allow them to practice getting their balance with out having to think about pedalling. He is like a mad man on this bike. He was going so fast we had to keep telling him to stop. At the end he was even coasting with his feet up for a few seconds.

Liam is our chicken when it comes to bike riding. He still wants to ride his bike with training wheels. Well Poppy brought over a big boy bike with out training wheels so yesterday we had him on that one as his training wheel bike had a flat tired. He didn't love it but he tolerated it. We took the pedals off that one so he could practice working on his balance like Landon. He did ok but complained a lot and then wound up pushing his bike instead of riding. Imagine my surprise when he got off the bus today and asked to go on a bike ride.

Now we just have to work on getting Brenna mobile. However she is so tiny that I doubt she would be able to reach the pedals on the tricycle we have.

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