Saturday, April 5, 2008

My Crazy Life dealing with the school system

Well I found the files for my old blog i just don't know how to make them back in to a blog so I can extract the information and post it to this site. Not that I have spent a lot of time working on it. My life has gotten crazy. I had a meeting with our school system in regards to Lexi's placement in their Early childhood program. They keep telling me that she has no issues during their program while her other school is telling me she is disruptive. I don't understand the differences and what the other school sees is more in line with what we see so I was having a hard time agreeing with their recommendations. I don't want her to be labeled as special needs but I also don't want her going to Kindergarten with an unsuspecting teacher who will label her as a problem child when in fact she really can't control herself. Well since I was having such a hard time with the school systems assesment I signed that I didn't agree and now have to write a letter of why I don't agree. I hate writing letters but I will figure it out. An interesting thing happened after I signed I didn't agree. Evidently she gets to continue attending class until the appeal is over, which is good as she loves going. I was however told that I would need to pick a new community program for her because her current placement asked that we select a new location as they would prefer we not come back. I was surprised by this as she was having no issues according to them but was shocked when I learned why. They don't want her back because I made a big fuss about them showing 4 and 5 year old children PG rated movies with out my consent. Her first day in this class they showed her Monster House, Then later showed her Night at the Museum, Cars, Jungle Book, Polly World and other shows that really have no educational basis at all. I offered to loan them my educational DVDs but they refused and kept showing movies I didn't agree with. I posted a message on a local mom's group asking their opinions and one of the mom's responded with the state licensing requirement about movies. Which they were not following. SO I turned them in. So they asked her not to come back because of me. I understand their point to some extent but I am angry because they knew this before we went to this meeting and didn't have the guts to say anything to me. I sent Lexi to school that morning not knowing this information. I have been trying to warn her that she probably wouldn't be going back but some one has been telliing her she would be coming back. The other part is that they based the majority of their evaluation on what her teacher scored her as. Well this school doesn't want her there so I have a hard time with the way they were rating her. They rated her all 5 out of 5 starting as soon as I complained until the meeting. Which even a normal average child wouldn't score let alone my ADHD daughter. Now I feel like they punishing her because I complained about the movies. The teacher/program contact seems to be taking my disagreement with everything as a personal attack on her which is not the case. I am so shocked and overwhelmed by the whole process. So now I need to go write me letter. Wish me luck.

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