Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spring Break Begins

Yesterday was Liam's first day of spring break. Lexi and Landon still had preschool so we took them to school and then I had no idea what to do with him and Brenna. Finally I remember a fun toy store one of Brenna's therapist mentioned so we headed down to check it out. We got there before they were opened so headed to Walmart and got some T-shirts so we could try tie dyeing this week. Then headed over to the store again. We had a good time checking out all they had to offer. Wound up with a few fun things to do and then headed back towards the kids school. On the way we went and got him his favorite Channing burger ( named after his cousin) at McDonalds. He was happily munching his cheeseburger in the car and when he suddenly said "Mom my tooth came out" for some reason this made me laugh. I didn't even realize his tooth was lose let alone enough to come out. So now he is missing three teeth and one of his front teeth is only half in so he has a pretty holey smile.

Liams holey smile

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