Monday, June 29, 2009

How to change a tire in our household

Things don't usually go the easy way around our house, so I am not sure why I was surprised by our latest adventure. Went out to get in the car to run to the store and then pick up Brenna and Rogan from my sister's house, get in the car and start it and see the low pressure tire warning light. Get out of the car and discover the back driver's side tire is definitely low, more like flat. Call Jason to tell him as I am not sure what the heck to do. (Something I should learn to do just in case) He leaves work a little early to come to my rescue, stopping to pick up the little kids on his way home.
He opens the trunk to get the jack out and discovers that we forget to buy a replacement jack after the last flat tire. ( The one where we jacked up the car and it rolled off the jack and bent it rendering it useless) Problem number 1. He gets the jack out of his truck and then goes to get the van's spare tire. Problem number 2, he has a lot of trouble getting the spare out. He claims design flaws making it very complicated. Gets the spare out, thinks we are good to go only to discover problem number 3. The lug nut wrench the goes to the truck doesn't fit on the van. We can't find the one that goes to the van so I wonder if it got pitched with the broken jack. Now he is off to the store to get a universal lug nut wrench. Then comes problem number 4, the big one. Even with the right lug nut wrench he still can't get the lug nuts off, he was practically jumping on the wrench and not one of them would budge. Our final option, he calls the tire store and they say have it towed in and they will get the tire off. Another phone call to the towing service and a few minutes wait a tow truck comes to take my van for new shoes.
Over $300 later my van is happily wearing two new shoes and is ready to roll again. It appears we picked up a stick in the tire when we were off roading to a parking space at the Freedom Festival on Saturday. Things rarely are done the easy way but they always seem to work out ok and for that we are thankful.

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