Thursday, July 2, 2009

Build a house and then eat it.

In my quest to keep the kids entertained this summer I have been hunting up fun things for them to do. Back in the spring I had bought an Easter cookie house kit to make and for some reason we never got around to doing it with the kids before Easter. Well I happened across it and thought it would be fun to do with the kids. I built the house with the intentions of letting them decorate it, however my intentions were not realistic in the fact that 3 kids trying to decorate the same house was not possible. In order to keep the peace I improvised a house for each of the little kids and let Liam decorate the big house.
If you are interested they are pretty easy to do. First you need some supplies. Basically graham crackers, icing and decorations (Sprinkles, jelly beans, marshmallows, pretzels). For the icing it works better with a thick icing like the kind that comes in tubes for decorating a cake, not the kind that comes in a tub to cover a cake. You can use the tub kind but it doesn't stick as easily.
For the first piece I put frosting on the back of the cracker down each side and then across one end.
Then stood the cracker up on a paper plate with end with frosting on the plate. (this is where the thicker frosting pays off, in helping to keep the cracker wall standing)
On the next cracker, I frosted around 3 of the edges.
Viola, one corner of your new house. Repeat the first two steps to form the rest of your house.
Now you have a finished house bottom now add a roof. A simple roof such as
just adding full sheet of graham cracker to make a flat roof. Easier for young kids to decorate as their additions won't fall off. But if you live where there may be snow and you need a peaked roof to keep the snow off you can do that as well.
Add a bead of frosting down the top edge of two sides of your new house.
Add another line of icing to each edge of half a cracker and to your house, then repeat for the other half of the roof.
Then add in your finishing touches and decorate. ( You can also try and cut a cracker at a diagonal fit in the whole in the peak of the roof but we opted not to undertake this endeavor)
This one was Landon's creation. The top picture was Brenna's. The peaked roof house I made for Wubba and Lexi was hanging with her Aunt and missed out on the house making fun. Here are a couple of pictures of the bunny manor that inspired our creations. Liam and I decorated the big house.
We had lots of fun creating our masterpieces however we saved devouring them for tomorrow. On your next rainy day break out the graham crackers, icing, and sprinkles and see what your little architect can come up with.

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