Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Favorite Photo Blog Hop

After happening across some blogs participating in the McLinky Blog Hop I thought I would dive in and give it a try. This week's theme is favorite pictures. I have several favorite pictures but I chose this one. While it is not necessarily adorable it is the start of motherhood for me. It took us 9 years and several medical procedures to conceive this miracle. I remember lying there during the c-section and thinking this can't be real, I can't really be a mom now. Almost 9 years later and 4 additional adopted children I am very much a Mom. At times I still can't believe it happened and other times all that infertility seems lifetimes ago. Seeing this picture of my son entering the world is my dreams coming true and is one of my favorite pictures. What is one of your favorite photos? Join us in the Blog Hop

MckLinky Blog Hop


  1. What an amazing and precious photo. Wow.

  2. I like the photo! and your header!

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    The Buzz, Brandy

  3. It's beautiful.