Friday, May 1, 2009

It's official, the Wubba will be officially joining the Family

Just wanted to let you know some very exciting news in the French Household today. Today I went down to DCS (Department of Children Services) to meet the caseworker and the kids' birth mother. She agreed to sign consents for us to adopt the Wubba man. The birth father signed previously so we now just have to find an attorney complete the paperwork and wait for an official court date. Stayed tuned for that information. For all of those that are anxiously awaiting the big announcement of what his name will be after the adoption is final. Wait no longer. With out further ado we are proud to announce the impending adoption of Rogan Wayland Charles French. Rogan is just a name Jason and I both liked. Wayland was Jason's grandfather's (on his Dad's side) middle name. Charles is my father's middle name, my great grandfather's first name (Isn't that right dad?) and Jason's uncle's first name. Thank you all for your love and support even when you thought we were crazy.

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