Thursday, May 28, 2009

Liam's Early Bouncing Birthday

Liam's birthday falls in early August it is sometimes hard to get school friends to come to his summer birthday celebration as families are busy with summer vacations and getting ready for back to school. This year we decided to have his party early so we could invite his friends from school. He decided he wanted to have his party at Bounce Planet and indoor inflatable bouncing wonderland and they have a Chuck E Cheese kind of game area (on a smaller scale) that allows you to win tickets. He thought this was perfect jumping and bouncing and games life couldn't get better so we set plans in motion for his party. Me being room mom for his class thought it would be fun to have it on the last day of school and invite his class. I hoped that some of the kids would be able to attend before vacations got started.

He wound up with 19 kids at his party (of course 5 of them were from our house) and they had a blast bouncing themselves silly. The party includes 70 minutes of bounce time and before the end of the time I had kids coming up to me saying they were so tired could they be done now and go sit down. I couldn't believe that 7&8 year olds were whooped in 70 minutes but I who was I to argue with a bunch of tired kids so we head to the party room. Where it seemed a few sips of cool beverages revived them and they were suddenly full of energy and loud as all get out. Luckily food quickly arrived in the form of yummy pizzas. They consumed their pizza and then we moved on to cake. Jason was able to get a great night sky cake for our space themed party adventure. After ingesting sugar laddened cake it was getting close to the end of party time and they had to decide if they wanted to watch him open presents or play games. They picked playing the games and off they went. Kids were every where collecting tickets and picking prizes and they all looked happy, tired and busy. Soon parents started to arrive to collect their children and our party came to an end with lots happy tired kids. To wrap up our space themed event we had each kid sign Liam's big inflatable alien and gave them a good bag containing an inflatable space ship, a sticky alien, a squishy earth and of course some candy and what goes better in a space gift bag then Starbursts and Milk Ways. We came home with 5 tired, happy kids and lots of fun memories.

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