Saturday, May 16, 2009

Storming the dentist office with all 5 kiddos

For spring break excitement at our house Mom had the pleasure of taking all 5 kids by herself to the dentist office so the older 4 could see the dentist. I was suprisingly not worried about this endeavor as my kids LOVE the dentist office. They get excited when they find out we are going and when we get there they go running in. Now I have to admit if I was a kid and this was my dentist office I might be a tad excited to go too. The waiting room looks like an island. It is wonderful. They have 3 tv's with video games set up on them to keep the kids happy and busy. Then for routine cleanings they have 6 boat shaped chairs in a beach decorated room and they kids get to pick a boat to sit on. All 4 of them are in the same room so I just wander from child to child or boat to boat. The kids love it so much that I never hear a peep from them and to my surprise Brenna even went with the technician to get her first set of xrays with out me. I was talking about one of the kids to the Dr and she just went with them. It is just off the main room so after I was done talking I walked over to watch her and she was sitting in the chair like she was hot stuff. I was able to grab a few picks with my phone to share of our amazing dentist. I just wish they would take adults so I would be more happy about going to the dentist.

Look I am a big girl

Show us your pearly whites Liam

The Dr. checks out Lexis teeth.

Waiting for the Dr to come check him out

The cool beach room.  You can see LIam, Brenna and the stroller Rogan was sleeping in.

Brave Brenna takes on the xray

Thanks for joining us on this trip to the dentist. Hope you had as much as they do when they go visit.

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