Thursday, May 28, 2009

Welcoming in Summer and saying goodbye to Kindergarten and 2nd grade

Our official Welcome to Summer Banner

It's officially the last day of school and the beginning of summer when you get off the bus and break the banner. Here is this year's Welcome Summer Banner. I read about this last year in Family Fun magazine and thought it was a great idea. Because I am a bargain nut I of course had a huge roll of yellow paper that i got really cheap all ready to go last year so we just used that again.

The last day of school was a busy day in our household. We start out the day with a picture marking the last day of school. Once the kids were on the bus and the little kids were safely stowed at school I head out for my last day of volunteering. I went and helped Liam's teacher last year ( I love this teacher and have been helping this school year) for a little while.

Liam's Last day of 2nd grade
Liams Last day of 2nd grade

Then I head off to help in Lexi's class. Her teacher got engaged during the school year and is getting married over the summer. The class was throwing her a surprise bridal shower so I went to help with that. A few of the parents came in and decorated the class in red, white and blue because she is getting married over the 4th of July. We have cake and ice cream for the kids and had some gifts for the teacher. While the class was out experiencing the thrill of the big kid playground for the first time we snuck in and set up the surprise. I think she was really surprised and very happy. The kids loved having cake and ice cream but didn't really understand the point of the party.

Lexi with her teacher at the partyLexi before last day as a Kindergartner

After the party I decided to surprise Liam in the cafeteria during lunch time. I don't plan enough in advance to actually eat with him but I enjoy sitting with him and his friends while he eats. However those kids are a loud bunch in the cafeteria but they have a good time. They love it when people come to visit, however it kind of feels like feeding time at the monkey exhibit at the zoo. Even though I can't carry on a conversation with him it's still fun to spend time with him and he even though he acts like he doesn't love it that I am there he often asks if I will come in for lunch again sometime. Now if I could just get DaDee to go in for feeding time, that would really surprise him.

Liam and his lunch room palsLiam and his lunch room pals

After lunch with Liam I headed home to get the banner ready for the official break through to summer. Last year DaDee had the pleasure of hanging the banner but this time the pressure was on me. I made it work it wasn't beautiful but it worked. After getting off the bus the kids got to bust through the banner in to their summer vacation. Liam went first and surprisingly paper banners stretched tight from porch post to porch post are hard to bust through. After Liam went DaDee held up the broken side and Lexi put her head to the banner and made it through. Hard or not they busted through and summer began officially in our land.

Liam busting in to summer
Liam busting in to summer

Lexi busts through to summerLexi busts through to summer

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