Monday, October 27, 2008

And the Winner Is

You know how no good can come from kids being quiet. Jason and I were chilling on the couch and thought all the kiddos were playing in the basement or so we thought. When Brenna came in saying she needed a wipe

Sharpie Incident the faceIsn't she cute

and one more

Sharpie Incident the hand

When she first walked in I thought she was bleeding but it turns out she just lost the battle with the burgundy sharpie. And in this case there was a second loser,Sharpie Incident the table

My kitchen table, luckily sharpie does wash off tile but not so much the painted wood areas. Just in case you need to know, baby wipes do a pretty good job of removing sharpie from 2 year old's eyelids, chin and nose. There is definitely not a lot of dull moments with 5 kids in the house.

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