Monday, March 23, 2009

4 years ago today

After reading my friend's blog Life with 3 Monkeys and her adoption anniversary it made me recall what we were doing on March 23rd 4 years ago. We dropped off Alexis and Landon with my sister and headed out to court for the 2nd time. We had went in January and the kids birth parents surprised us by showing up. At that time they surprised us by saying that they knew they couldn' t care for the kids and were willing to sign consents to adopt. For some reason no one got them to sign then and we went in to see the judge. They told the judge they wanted to sign and the judge told them they need to see a public defender and discuss it and come back in March. It was now that day in March and we wondered if they would show, if they would sign, what would happen. We got to the court house and found seats. Talked to the caseworker who said she hadn't heard from the parents nor seen them yet. We sat and waited for them to call us in to court. About a hour later the parents walked in. We couldn't believe it. The caseworker came and took them somewhere to meet their attorney and came back and said they still wanted to sign and were going to that day. We were stunned. A few minutes later they all came back and they had signed for us to adopted Alexis and Landon. 3 months to the day we went to a different court room and the officially and forever joined our family.

Tuesday of this week I loaded the car with a stroller, snacks, diaper bag, the 3 littlest kids and we headed back to court. Rumor had it that their mother was going to show up at court today and sign consents for Wubba to be adopted. We got to court at 1:20 and met the caseworker in the parking lot. We got in to the waiting area and we began waiting. Our caseworker tried calling her after we waited about 20 minutes for her to show but got no answer. So we went back to waiting and trying to keep the kids entertained in a rather warm and pretty packed waiting room. Later she called back and said she was working and wouldn't be able to make it. She then told the caseworker that she can't support herself with her income and knows she can't care for the Wubba Man and that she is willing to sign. Now the tricky part getting her, the paperwork and an attorney all at the same place so she can sign. While it would have been nice to have her sign close to the same day she signed with the first two we will be thrilled when ever it happens. Although Jason refuses to commit to a name for the Wubba man until he knows he is ours forever. It would be nice to get to start calling him his forever name.

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