Monday, March 23, 2009

Brenna's funny night time ritual

Ms. Brenna is so funny. She comes up with the funniest things to do. One of the ones I just noticed but she may have been doing with Jason for a while is that he has to stop on the stairs when he carries her up to bed so she can touch the ceiling. I have now taken to teasing her and telling her she can't touch my ceiling so she cracks up and slowly reaches out a hand to touch my ceiling every night. Here she is in action.

Brenna the Ceiling toucherBrenna the Ceiling toucher

The crazy multicolored object over her shoulder is "Ahhh" her blankie. When she was little she got attached to this piece of fabric I bought and would carry it around with her. We use to say "Ahhh your so cute" she decided that the blanket was called "Ahhh" and it has been "Ahh" ever since. We go through Ahh phases where she can't be with out it and then times where she could care a less about Ahh. She is currently in an Ahh phases so we see Ahh a lot these days. I did have the thought when she was little to cut the big piece of fabric in half so she would have two Ahhs.

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