Tuesday, March 10, 2009

One Proud Mama

Liam came home on Friday with the results of his Terra Nova testing (sort of like Istep but for 2nd graders). We were surprised at the results and very proud of him. He scored in the 96th percentile on the national percentile scale for math. In language he scored in the 93rd percentile. In the reading area he scored in the 67th percentile, this area covered the written portion and for some reason he still struggles with writing. While he still struggles with writing he is doing better. He use to refuse to write at all and now he at least most of the time attempts to put something down and some times really surprises us with what he gets accomplished. If he is excited about the subject he will usually get right to writing so we love the free writing time.

This past week he also had to do a report on a Famous American. We read thru the list of suggested people and he didn't really like any of the choices except Dr. Seuss and we figured that a few people would choose him since it was his birthday week. DaDee suggested Millard Fuller, and once we explained who he was and what he did he was very excited. Oh, in case you didn't know


and if you couldn't hear or understand him, Millard Fuller is the founder of Habit for Humanity. He recently passed away. He builds houses for people who can't afford them. I was surprised that he got so excited about him and really in to working on the project . At the end of the week the kids got to dress as their American and they opened the classroom for parents to come visit the museum and talk to all the Americans.

We are never short of amazed by him, he surprises us with how quickly he gets stuff from spelling words to math concepts, he is very inquisitive and asks lots of questions and is always coming up with crazy ideas of ways things could be done better. He is great helper and good big brother most of the time. ;0)

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